About Kimberley

Kimberley, BC is one of Canada’s highest and sunniest cities!

Kimberley, BC is nestled in the Purcell Mountain range, with views to the iconic Canadian Rocky Mountains. Besides Kimberley’s spectacular natural beauty, one of Kimberley’s greatest assets is undoubtedly the abundance of easily accessible and affordable recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed within it’s beautiful scenery year round. Within Kimberley’s city limits you can golf on one of its three challenging courses; ski and snowboard on its in-town ski hill; cross country ski; hike or snowshoe; mountain bike, BMX, or road bike; and so much more - from ice skating, or longboarding; to playing soccer, baseball, tennis, or hockey; geocaching; curling or swimming; or trying some of our many indoor facilities for yoga and exercise training. And just outside of Kimberley there are plenty more recreational opportunities from climbing and horseback riding, to snowmobiling, fishing, heli and cat skiing, paddling in our area lakes and rivers, or swimming and splashing in nearby watering holes and hot springs.

Kimberley, BC is also a place that offers a rich social life; there are lots of ways to meet others, lots of opportunities for learning, and lots of ways to become involved. Kimberley’s people are full of character and passion, they are friendly and welcoming, health conscious and active, multi-talented and generous. Undoubtedly Kimberley's natural beauty and recreational opportunities will attract you, but it is likely the disposition of Kimberley’s caring community that will make you want to stay!

Beautiful Kimberley, BC is the kind of place where a balanced lifestyle features front and centre for many of Kimberley’s residents, and where visitors are welcomed to sample our exceptional lifestyle.


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